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Tequila Rock Taco

Authentic and homemade Mexican food

Plaza de la Iglesia 9, Local 4, 29730 Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga)
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List of menu categories

    • Mexican Nachos

      Totopos (fried corn tortilla triangles) with beans, cheese, pico de gallo and homemade guacamole.

      8.50 €

    • Guacamole

      Totally homemade: Chopped avocado with pico de gallo, served with fried corn chips (totopos). Serves 4 to 6 people.

      8.00 €

    • Guacamole half portion

      The same but half...

      4.50 €

    • Quesadillas with Chorizo

      Corn tortilla folded on the griddle filled with melted cheese and chorizo

      7.00 €

      (3 piezas)

    • Quesadillas with Pastor

      Corn tortilla folded on the griddle filled with melted cheese and pastor meat.

      7.00 €

      (3 piezas)

    • Huitlacoche Quesadillas

      Huitlacoche or cuitlacoche is a mushroom that grows between the kernels of corn. It is native to and used in the cuisine of Mexico, where there is an ancient culture of corn cultivation and it is considered a delicacy, or food of the gods.

      10.00 €

      (3 piezas)

    • Pastor Tacos

      The quintessential capital city taco. Grilled pork fillet with onion. A pineapple is also grilled and each taco has meat with a piece of this delicious fruit.

      7.50 €

    • Carnitas Tacos

      Legend has it that Hernán Cortés was accidentally the creator of this dish with a 500-year history. To celebrate the capture of Emperor Cuauhtémoc, he had a pig fried in his own lard, with bay leaves, oranges and various spices.

      8.00 €

    • Chicken Dorado Tacos

      Four 15-centimetre tortilla tacos filled with chicken and fried, garnished with shredded lettuce, jalapeño sauce (not spicy), and sour cream.

      8.50 €

    • Enfrijoladas

      We fill three 15-centimetre tortillas with delicious cottage cheese and cover them with bean cream, garnished with sour cream and raw onion wedges. A homemade classic from grandmothers to their grandchildren.

      8.50 €

    • Gringa de Pastor

      Two wheat flour tortillas filled with melted cheese and al pastor meat with grilled pineapple chunks.

      8.50 €

    • Enchiladas Rojas de Pollo

      Delicious tortillas dipped in oil and rolled up, filled with chicken breast, bathed in a tomato sauce, with a slightly spicy chipotle touch, garnished with onion rings and cream.

      9.00 €

    • Shrimp Cocktail Mazatlan

      Shrimps cooked with herbs, served in a glass of Clamato (tomato and clam juice), topped with a chopped mixture of pear tomato, red onion, cucumber and avocado, with a sprig of coriander at the top. Served in a glass. Refreshing.

      12.50 €

    • Chilaquiles Rojos de Pollo o Chorizo

      Los chilaquiles son un plato típico mexicano elaborado a base de tortillas cortadas, fritas o tostadas (o al natural), que se cocinan en una salsa verde o roja con un ligero picante. Hay muchísimas cosas que se pueden añadir. En Tequila Rock Taco los tenemos con pollo o chorizo. e les añade crema (nata), queso campero y cebolla picada.

    • Enmoladas

      Pollo en tortilla doblada y cubierta de Mole Poblano, decoradas con ajonjolí y aros de cebolla. El Mole Poblano podría ser el platillo más representativo de México, una salsa hecha a base de chiles tostados, almendras, nuez, pasas, clavo, plátano, chocolate y varias especias más. Ligeramente picante pero no podrás dejar de comerlo!

      9.00 €

      (Recomendable a mediodía...)

    • Shrimp Ceviche

      Pacific cuisine dish. Shrimp cooked in lime with tomato, onion, cucumber, cilantro and lime juice, served with corn tortilla chips (totopos).

      9.00 €

    • Fish Ceviche

      Another version of Ceviche, prepared with fish (Kingklip - Rosada) fillet marinated in lime with tomato, onion, cucumber, cilantro and lime juice, served with corn tortilla chips (totopos)

      8.00 €

    • Tuna al Pastor Taco

      Tuna cubes marinated in pastor sauce. A recipe from the state of Sinaloa with the marinade of Mexico City's tacos al pastor.

      9.50 €

    • Tequila Fried Bananas

      Bananas flambéed in butter and tequila, delicious...

      5.50 €

    • Kids Quesadillas

      Three delicious corn tortillas with melted cheese inside, lightly browned on the griddle.

      5.50 €

    • Tacos Dorados without Garnish

      The delicious chicken breast tacos, golden brown and crispy without the lettuce, sauce, cream and onion of the originals. Many children love them like this.

      7.50 €

    • Caña (Cruzcampo)

      1.80 €

    • Maceta (Cruzcampo)

      2.50 €

    • Copa (Cruzcampo)

      2.00 €

    • Copa Grande (Cruzcampo)

      2.50 €

    • Botellín Cruzcampo

      2.00 €

    • Cerveza Sol

      3.00 €

    • Cerveza Heineken


      3.00 €

    • Modelo Especial

      3.00 €

    • Margarita Cocktail

      There are many stories about the inventor of this traditional cocktail, what is certain is that it became popular in Tijuana and then became a cosmopolitan drink in the port of Acapulco. Tequila, triple sec, lime are its main ingredients. Tequila Rock Taco according to the original recipe.

      7.00 €

    • Tamarind Margarita

      Tamarind is a very popular fruit in Mexico. It is used to prepare refreshing drinks, sweets and even sophisticated dishes, as well as this delicious drink. To give you an idea of what it is, its name comes from the Arabic tamare, "date" and Hindi, "Indian": "Indian date.

      7.00 €

    • Mandarin Donaji

      A very Oaxacan version of this mezcal drink. Mezcal and tangerine juice are the main ingredients.

    • Traditional tequila Cuervo

      The most consumed tequila in Mexico. Famous because the charro singer and actor Pedro Infante, Mexico's idol, used to drink it in his films. It became fashionable to drink it chilled and now it is very common. It is accompanied by Sangrita, a prepared tomato juice that serves to balance out the bitterness of the drink.

      4.00 €


    • Michelada Sol

      El borde del vaso escarchado con sal, hielo y zumo de limón, y el botellín de Cerveza Sol

      3.25 €

    • Clamatada

      Clamato (Zumo de Tomate y Almeja) con cerveza de grifo.

      3.50 €

    • Clara con Limón o Casera

      Caña de grifo con refresco de cualquiera de los sabores.

      2.50 €

    • Chupito de Sangrita

      0.50 €

Updated on September 24, 2022

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